Congratulations, you’ve discovered rAPPidReview apps!

You’ve just found a rAPPid (it’s an app and it’s fast so it’s r-APP-id!) and successful way to study. Wherever you are – in the classroom, at home or on the move – you can prep for your test.

rAPPidReview apps are mobile, fun and effective study tools to help you do your best in the big test. You can track your scores for each topic, compare them with your friends or compete in an online scoreboard.

Designed to cover the content of the Common Core or state tests for each grade, rAPPidReview apps make easy, accessible preparation for standardized tests. Our apps focus on asking questions about what you have learnt and allowing you to practice your skills. Our questions are not the same as trial questions. We have a different style to keep you entertained and to help you rAPPidly improve your grade!

The game-style quizzes, focused feedback, performance-tracking and topic comparison help you find out what you know, learn what you don’t know and re-test weaker areas – all in a fun and entertaining way.

The best way to improve is to test yourself and learn from your mistakes. And the best way to remember something is to repeat it often. rAPPidReview apps have been designed to help you do both of these key test prep techniques.

If you’re not a student, you can still enjoy our apps as fun quizzes to brush up on your skills! We won’t stop you competing against students in the online scoreboard, but you might be surprised by how good they are!

What apps can I get now?


Coming soon

On the horizon

We’re still trialing our apps so watch this space! Grade 3 MathGrade 3 ELA LiteracyGrade 4 Math

Grade 4 ELA Literacy

Grade 5 Math

Grade 5 ELA Literacy

The rest….

rAPPidReview – It’s fast. It’s mobile. It’s fun!*

(*well, as fun as studying for tests can be)

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